ABOUD & ASSOCIATES is a leader in urban tree inventory, assessment and management. We are frequently called upon by design professionals, legal experts, and government agencies to assist with urban forestry issues. Our team routinely reviews urban forestry guidelines and by-laws, and is in regular contact with Urban Design and Forestry departments across southern Ontario. 

Our ISA Certified Arborists apply their extensive knowledge using comprehensive arboricultural evaluation standards to evaluate the past, present and anticipated future conditions of trees; to develop long-term management strategies for trees along infrastructure corridors, developments and open spaces.


Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum) . Puslinch





White Ash (Fraxinus americana), .  Hamilton



 - Policy, Procedures, By-laws
 - Tree Preservation Plans
 - Tree Appraisals
 - Expert Testimony
 - Forensic Tree Audits
 - Urban Tree Culture & Structural Soil
 - Urban Forestry Management Plans



 - Arborist Reports
 - GIS/GPS Tree Inventories
 - Tree Condition Assessment
 - Contract Administration
 - Tree Risk Assessment
 - Vegetation Management Plans
 - Monitoring





Large Tree Stock Selection

Private Client, Township of Centre Wellington, 2011-2012


The planting of a tree represents an investment in the future. Arboricultural personnel at Aboud & Associates have expertise and extensive experience in the evaluation and selection of healthy and structurally sound tree planting stock. While critical to the long-term success of all our projects where discerning selection of tree stock is needed for trees afforded high value, trees expected to thrive for many decades, and where future structural training of trees is to be minimized; this particular project is unique in that all proposed trees were between 20 to 25-feet at time of planting to create an instant impact.



Autumn Blaze Maple . Centre Wellington

Microdrilling to Assess Decay, Brampton Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' near City Hall, Brampton Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' on Main Street, Brampton

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Eden Park Butternut Health Assessment

Corporate Client, Hamilton, 2011-present


Classified as an endangered species under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (2007), the entire population of Butternut (Juglans cinerea) trees throughout North America is in rapid decline due to Butternut Canker disease. Following the Ministry of Natural Resources Butternut Health Assessment Protocols, our certified Butternut Health Assessors determined the health of on-site trees and prepared compensation planting contract documents to aid in the survival of the species by using genetically verified pure Butternut stock with disease resistant characteristics. To ensure long-term success we developed an intensive maintenance and monitoring program, currently in progress.



Butternut Seedling Plantings . Hamilton

Microdrilling to Assess Decay, Brampton Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' near City Hall, Brampton Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' on Main Street, Brampton

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Humber College Lakeshore Campus Arborist Report

Corporate Client, Toronto, 2009-2010


The final phase of redevelopment, as part of the Federal/Provincial Knowledge Infrastructure Stimulus Program; Aboud & Associates was retained by the redevelopment team to prepare a detailed Arborist Report for lands that are a part of the redevelopment of the historic quadrangle in Colonel Samuel Smith Park.


Humber College Lakeshore Campus. Toronto








GIS/GPS Tree Inventory

Town of Milton, Milton, 2009


With the rapid expansion of the Town of Milton, municipal staff identified the need to develop an inventory of all municipally owned trees in public right of ways and parks within an 868-hectare urban area of the town. 

Aboud & Associates (as Prime Consultant) in partnership with Van Harten Surveying, developed and confirmed a quality control program, then located, inventoried, and assessed 8880 individual trees using a GPS with sub-foot accuracy, and populated a comprehensive GIS database to aid the municipality in future urban forestry management policy and activities. 



Locating a tree and entering date with a GPS device. Milton

Preliminary Tree Data, Milton

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Downtown Brampton Street Tree Inventory and Assessment

City of Brampton, Brampton, 2009


As the first step in establishing a strategy for successful street tree planting protocols, the City of Brampton retained Aboud & Associates to conduct a detailed baseline inventory and condition assessment of all existing street trees in the downtown core. 

Each individual tree was examined for biological health, structural condition, basal decay, and hazard potential to determine preservation recommendations, life expectancy, and maintenance recommendations. 



Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' on Main Street.  Brampton

Microdrilling to Assess Decay, Brampton Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' near City Hall, Brampton Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' on Main Street, Brampton

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Ferndale Park

City of Guelph, Guelph, 2009


Due to neighbourhood safety concerns and proposed park redevelopment plans, the City of Guelph retained Aboud & Associates to prepare a Tree Inventory and Assessment Plan that reviewed the biological and structural health of all trees in the Park, as well as assess the expected impact of each tree based on the proposed redevelopment plan.





Ferndale Park.  Guelph







Sanofi Pasteur Connaught Campus

Corporate Client, Toronto, 2006-present


As part of a major expansion of research and development facilities at the historical Connaught Campus, one of the largest centers of vaccine development in North America; Aboud & Associates produced a baseline inventory of all table land and ravine trees on campus. 


In the years following the initial baseline inventory, Aboud & Associates prepared tree preservation and compensation plans for individual building site plan applications in compliance with City of Toronto Private Tree and Ravine and Natural Feature Protection By-laws.



Sanofi Pasteur Connaught Campus.  Toronto

Aerial View of Connaught Campus - August 2005, Toronto Three types of Tree Protection Hoarding, Toronto

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Bronte White Oak

Region of Halton, Oakville, 2001-present


A dominant feature in the landscape, the Bronte White Oak is a designated heritage tree estimated to be over 250-years old. Since 2001 Aboud & Associates has worked on behalf of the Region of Halton to ensure protection of the tree during construction of the Woodlands Operation Centre and Bronte Road expansion projects. Selected services over the years have included: 

  • Monitoring the health of the tree semi-annually from 2001 to present;

  • Analyzing the texture and type of soil within the dripline of the tree;

  • Providing and directing mitigation measures of deep root fertilization, watering, weeding, pruning, irrigation and mulching;

  • Demonstrated how and where development can proceed without negative impact to the environmental area(s); and

  • Prepare and administer contract growing agreement to propagate/produce planting stock of the heritage tree  






Bronte White Oak.  Oakville

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Graham Arboretum Tree Inventory and Assessment

City of London, London, 2005-2006


Overlooking the Thames River Valley and Storybook Gardens, the renewal master plan sought to integrate this under utilized low profile 80 year old historic arboretum into an existing network of open spaces, parks and attractions, by unlocking its potential as a major public asset and tourist destination. 

In partnership with the Landplan Collaborative, Aboud & Associates was responsible for the baseline plant inventory and assessment as well as developing a comprehensive plant management strategy for the entire formal plant collection and naturalized areas.


Chipmunk in the Graham Arboretum .  London

Graham Arboretum, London Enjoying the Arboretum, London  Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula' (Weeping Beech) - London

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Allan Gardens Tree Assessment

City of Toronto, Toronto, 2005-2006


As a part of a multidisciplinary team (with the Landplan Collaborative) to create a new park revitalization master plan, Aboud & Associates prepared a detailed inventory and condition assessment and maintenance/management plan of the trees in historic Allan Gardens, Toronto’s first civic park.


Allan Gardens .  Toronto

Allan Gardens, Toronto Allan Gardens, Toronto Allan Gardens, Toronto
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Tree Protection Recommendation Study

City of Guelph, Guelph, 2003


This investigation assisted the development of the City’s tree protection policy of new subdivisions and infill developments. The study included a review of practices of other municipalities in southern Ontario, and recommendations of best management practices of a tree protection policy for the City of Guelph. The study included the preparation of tree conservation plans, tree protection during development, and compensation for tree/habitat damage or destruction.


Tree Protection Fencing .  Spruce Hedgerow






Urban Forestry Management Plan

Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Toronto, 2000


Inventory, tag and assess trees on an established, 7-hectare site of the CNIB National Headquarters, Toronto. Prepare a detailed report providing recommendations to preserve/remove and manage trees for potential future site development.



CNIB National Headquarters .  Toronto






Parc Downsview Park

City of Toronto, Toronto, 2000


Site of World Youth Day in 2002 and the Toronto Rocks Benefit Concert of 2003. Aboud & Associates prepared a detailed report providing recommendations to preserve/remove and manage trees as background information as part of the conversion of this former air force base into one of Canada's largest municipal park.



Parc Downsview Park .  Toronto






Tree & Vegetation Survey, Assessment and Preservation Plan

Inniswood Baptist Church, Barrie, 2000


Aboud & Associates prepared a tree and vegetation survey, assessment and preservation plan that characterized the site’s vegetation resources, and provides detailed plans to mitigate impacts. The primary issues of the study were the impacts to and preservation of an existing mature hardwood forest.


Fall Leaves .  Barrie






Town of Ancaster Tree By-Law

Town of Ancaster,1999


As part of the development of the Town’s tree protection by-law, Aboud & Associates Inc.(in association with Dougan & Associates) conducted an inventory of trees throughout the Town’s urban areas to determine the species breakdown, maturity and cover. This information was presented at PIC’s and used in the preparation of the town's tree protection by-law.


Butternut (Juglans cinerea) .  Ancaster






Shade Tree Program

Guelph Hydro, Guelph 1998


Aboud & Associates provided assistance with the development of the Utility’s Shade Tree Program. Design a user survey and interpretive tree planting brochure, and provide recommendations for selection of species and stock types.



Shade Tree Program . Guelph






Canada Centre for Inland Waters

Environment Canada, Burlington, 1997


Aboud & Associates conducted a detailed tree inventory and assessment of approximately 500 trees and shrubs to record the plants’ species, size, health and structure, and provide management recommendations. As management recommendations were realized, Aboud & Associates provided construction supervision of mitigation and rescue operations for large caliper tree stock.


Tree Rescue at Canada Centre for Inland Waters . Burlington






Street Tree Replacement Plan Gordon and Woolwich Streets 

City of Guelph, Guelph 1995 (with Dougan & Associates)


Following extensive reconstruction of Gordon and Woolwich Streets (main arterial route through the City of Guelph), shade tree replacement was required, as well as additional accent plantings at key locations and naturalization of steep roadside embankments. Extensive research to develop guidelines as well as a species list, and public meetings were carried out. Aboud & Associates prepared planting plans with cross-sections that indicated tree sizes immediately after planting and 20 years after planting, planting specifications, and led a City-sponsored PIC of the proposed plans . 


Princeton Elm (Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’) . Guelph