ABOUD & ASSOCIATES provides complete design solutions for new and existing landscapes, from graphic presentation and conceptual/schematic design, construction drawings, specifications, and cost estimates, to contract administration, construction review, and follow-up monitoring.

Our landscape architecture projects are defined by a fusion of traditional and ecological based design principles. This successful approach is enhanced by our team’s ability to interpret the capabilities of the site, and to facilitate and understand the goals and objectives of the client and users, to reveal a site-specific design solution that provides exceptional value, social meaning, and ecological responsibility. 



Water Lily (Nymphaea sp.)




Auburn Towers Entry Garden .  Cambridge

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Upper Beach Lofts

Corporate Client, Toronto, 2008-present


Bridging the urban fabric between single family homes and an adjacent apartment tower, Upper Beach Lofts is a Stepped six story boutique condominium with street-level townhouse masionettes. Our arborists, ecologists and landscape architects collaborated to prepare the arborist report, ravine stewardship plan and landscape plan, as well as providing expert witness testimony at the Ontario Municipal Board related to arboriculture and ecology. 


Upper Beach Lofts Streetscape - Toronto 

Upper Beach Lofts Streetscape

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Bonaire Highlands Community

Corporate Client, Township of Centre Wellington, 2009-2010


Bonaire Highlands is a 190-unit residential community of singles, semis and towns focused on a central neighbourhood park located in the community of Fergus, home of the world famous Scottish Festival and Highland Games. Aboud & Associates was retained to provide the street tree, storm water management facility naturalization and neighbourhood park designs. 

The neighbourhood park, framed by an allee of large growing shade trees on all four sides, is of a traditional design with two curved paths converging on an activity node anchored by junior/senior playgrounds as well as shaded seating. The central lawn allows for unprogrammed free play in the summer and can be converted into a natural ice skating rink in the winter.  



Bonaire Highlands - Centre Wellington 

Bonaire Highlands Neighbourhood Park, Centre Wellington Bonaire Highlands Neighbourhood Park, Centre Wellington Bonaire Highlands Neighbourhood Park, Centre Wellington
Bonaire Highlands Neighbourhood Park, Centre Wellington

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GO Stations -  Mount Joy, Acton, Guelph and Mount Pleasant

Metrolinx, 2003-2004, 2010-present


As part of major expansions to the GO Transit network, Aboud & Associates prepared landscape plans for new stations, parking lots and kiss & ride facilities in Mount Joy, Acton, and Guelph with R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd. and at Mount Pleasant with Ausenco Sandwell.

The landscapes of the new stations are characterized by sweeping drifts of native/ornamental grasses and perennials providing a sense of movement, juxtaposed with the static forms of spruce, flowering pear, oak and elm trees.  



Acton GO Station Expansion - Acton 

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Mount Pleasant Parkette

City of Toronto, 2010-2011


Located in Davisville Village, Mount Pleasant Parkette will be completely redeveloped after construction is complete on a major multi-year watermain project. The redesigned triangular green patch in midtown Toronto is anchored by a transit plaza to the north and seatwall/horticultural display at the south. Users are drawn into the space via diagonal walkways lined with benches that align with architectural features of the Greenwood College School Campus. A central treed berm runs the entire length of the park providing a sense of enclosure for users inside the park eating lunch or waiting for their children after school and provides an elevated splash of ‘green’ to those travelling northbound on one of Toronto’s main avenues. 



Mount Pleasant Parkette - Toronto 

Mount Pleasant Parkette Landscape Concept, Toronto Mount Pleasant Parkette Landscape Concept, Toronto Mount Pleasant Parkette Landscape Concept, Toronto

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Eden Park Community

Corporate Client, Hamilton, 2010-present


A new community on the West Hamilton Mountain, Eden Park is located adjacent to a large 20 hectare (49 acre) Park. Initially retained to provide arboricultural services, Aboud & Associates Landscape Architects were further retained to prepare conceptual and detailed entry feature designs in conjunction with Tacoma Engineers and streetscaping plans for all internal roads and roundabouts. 



Eden Park Entry Feature - Hamilton 

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Renessa Retirement Residence

Corporate Client, Newmarket, 2009-present


As part of the changing face of retirement residences across North America, the outdoor environments at the Renessa Retirement Residence are bold and practical in design. Initially retained to prepare an Arborist Report and Tree Appraisals, the client retained Aboud & Associates to design all outdoor environments including multi-level private and semi-private intensive green roofs, streetscapes and naturalization of the Bogart Creek corridor.

Outdoor environments are designed to compliment resident programming such as a shaded fitness courtyard, accessible raised resident garden planters and at-grade garden plots. Additionally, the client wished to make a statement beyond typical site plan approval landscaping minimums. Our landscape architects responded by creating bold sweeping garden beds that reach across the frontage of the facility, inviting the residents and the community to experience the restorative powers of an 11-circuit labyrinth, an ancient meditation device, in a publically accessible entry plaza.



Renessa Retirement Residence - Newmarket 

Preliminary Landscape Concept, Newmarket Labyrinth Entry Plaza, Newmarket

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Silver Creek Public School Master Plan

Parent Council, Georgetown, 2009-2010


The business of play is critical to the social, emotional and cognitive development of children. Discouraged by the lack of outdoor play opportunities for their children at the newly constructed Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 facility, the Parent Council looked to Aboud & Associates to develop a comprehensive master plan that will guide future improvements to actively engage children physically, intellectually and creatively. 

As part of the master planning process, our Landscape Architects facilitated design workshops that brought together town staff, school board staff, teachers, parents, and students to share each others visions, values, ideas and experiences. The resulting living document has since engaged the entire south Georgetown community in fundraising and detailed planning efforts for the Ubuntu Village Project.   



Silver Creek Public School - Georgetown 

Silver Creek Public School - August 2009, Georgetown Silver Creek Public School Master Plan, Georgetown Silver Creek Public School Tribes Stones and Playground,  Georgetown

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Canada Post Letter Carrier Facilities

Canada Post Corporation . Hamilton and Woodstock . 2008-2009


Located in industrial business parks amidst landscapes of high maintenance turfgrass and exotic trees, these new federal facilities, which obtained LEED silver certification from the Canada Green Building Council in January 2011, exclusively utilize native and drought tolerant adaptive plant species, including a prairie demonstration garden to reduce dependency on local water resources and creation of habitat for local pollinators.

During preliminary landscape programming it was determined that a critical LEED point would be earned by completely eliminating an irrigation system. Combining our expertise in ecological models and traditional design principles, our team turned this design constraint into an opportunity to create aesthetically pleasing and functional landscapes based on ecological models that require no additional resource inputs.



Canada Post Letter Carrier Facility - Hamilton 

Landscape Concept Sketch - Woodstock Canada Post LCD







City Centre Village

Corporate Client, Cambridge, 2002-present 

Situated on a 10 ha site, nestled between a wetland complex and Hespeler Retail District, City Centre Village is a lifestyle community that accommodates residents throughout their entire life cycle. Comprised of mixed density residential units including single family, town homes, apartments, co-op, and assisted living, Aboud & Associates was retained to assess/monitor the wetland complex surrounding the community and provide detailed community landscape design.

Highlighting native plant material, the storm water ponds and naturalized pocket parks are dominated by a low growing wildflower meadow and as residents begin to occupy the future assisted living apartment complex, they will be greeted with an intensive green roof landscape in the spirit of the New American Garden style.


Auburn Towers Landscape Plan . Cambridge

Auburn Tower Landscape Plan (Section) Auburn Towers - Under Construction One Month After Planting Auburn Towers - Under Construction One Month After Planting
Auburn Towers - Under Construction Planting Day Auburn Towers - Under Construction One Month After Planting Auburn Towers - Under Construction One Month After Planting
Upland Low Meadow @ City Centre Village SWMP - One Year Following Seeding (June 2007) Upland Low Meadow @ City Centre Village SWMP - One Year Following Seeding (June 2007) Entry Planting - One Year Following Planting (June 2007)

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Environment Canada - Ontario Regional Headquarters 

Naturalization Master Plan

Environment Canada, Downsview 1997-1999


Produced before the term ‘sustainable’ became one of the most used terms of the early 21st century, Aboud & Associates in collaboration with facility stakeholders developed a naturalization master plan for Ontario Regional Headquarters to reflect the sustainable core values of Environment Canada. Faced with a typical institutional landscape dominated by turfgrass and ornamental trees, we engaged in participatory design workshops and information sessions with stakeholders to develop social, economic and ecological goals and objectives. Our team then completed a biophysical inventory and assessment of the existing landscape to identify opportunities and constraints to inform site planning decisions. The resulting environmentally responsive naturalized master plan achieved stakeholder goals and objectives using ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Bioregion. 

Aboud & Associates continued involvement saw the development of thicket and prairie ecosystems through detailed design and construction, where we organized and trained volunteer groups to plant over 700 trees and shrubs and 10,000 native grasses and wildflowers; enhancing environmental quality, habitat diversity and reducing long-term maintenance costs.




Prairie - Environment Canada .  Downsview

Before - Existing Landscape September 1998 - Environment Canada, Downsview Planting of Prairie Plugs - Environment Canada, Downsview After - Tallgrass Prairie Landscape July 2000 - Environment Canada, Downsview
After (2004) - Habitat Shrub Thicket - Environment Canada, Downsview Cornus racemosa - Environment Canada, Downsview

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Playground Learning Environment Projects

Toronto District School Board, Toronto,  2001-2006, 2012 


Aboud & Associates is knowledgeable and skilled in preparing schoolyard master plans and associated detailed design documents. Since the firm’s inception in the 1995, Aboud & Associates has been informed by the philosophy that a basic understanding and connection with one’s environment develops a sense of pride, partnership and stewardship, which in turn fosters a greater social involvement within the community. Guided by this philosophy we have completed over 15 school and daycare related projects for the Toronto District School Board addressing the physical, social, intellectual and psychological needs of all children of schools and extended communities through individual and group play opportunities using the ground breaking “Transforming the Schoolyard” document. 



Orb Weaver Spider on Stinging Nettle (Urtica sp). Toronto

Cassandra Public School Master Plan Elmbank Junior Middle School Master Plan Islington Junior Middle School Master Plan
Sketch of Proposed Mural Sketch of Proposed Activity Node Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School - Master Plan Concept

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