ABOUD & ASSOCIATESí integrated team of arborists, ecologists, and landscape architects provides a unique skill set to assist clients with concise and well-written support for peer review and legal matters. Our Senior staff are often called upon to provide expert witness testimony for legal proceedings related to arboricultural and ecological issues.

From establishing the causes of past disturbances, to investigating natural systems in the present, and reviewing proposed future plans, Aboud & Associates examines information with the highest level of scrutiny, often cross-referencing several standards throughout the arboricultural, ecological and landscape architectural disciplines to ensure opinions and documentation accurately reflect the evidence and avoids costly errors and omissions.





Smooth Rose (Rosa blanda) . Hamilton

 - OMB Hearings
 - Advisory Committees
 - Legal Proceedings
 - Policy/By-Law Review
 - Literature Review

 - Plan/Report Peer Review
 - Deficiency Investigations
 - Research
 - Education



  * Due to the sensitive legal nature of this service, the majority of the projects successfully completed must remain confidential.  


Forensic Tree Loss Audit

Port Colborne . 2007-2008


To accommodate an unauthorized expansion of a golf course, a previous owner of a tract of land violated the Regionís tree and forest conservation by-law. Years later the sale and transfer of lands to a new landowner were placed on hold due to this violation. 

Utilizing our inventory and assessment experience, Aboud & Associates used sample plots of adjacent vegetation communities as a model to determine the quantity and value of trees removed in the past as part of future compensation proceedings to move the land transfer ahead.



Forensic Tree Loss Audit . Port Colborne 





Deficiency Investigation

Guelph,  2005-2007


Due to the poor performance of newly planted trees and shrubs designed and installed by others in a high profile streetscape and stormwater management pond naturalization project (by others), Aboud & Associates was retained to provide an independent post-mortem analysis of the design and implementation of the project. 

A literature review providing several landscape and arboricultural industry standards were cross-referenced to provide an impartial basis for an assessment that included interviews, detailed field assessments and soil analysis.



Steven Aboud assessing tree growth . Guelph 





Expert Witness Testimony

Toronto,  2004-2007


Aboud & Associates produced several deliverables for this project including:  Arborist Reports, Tree Preservation Plans, Tree Compensation/ Street Tree Planting and Subdivision Landscape Plans, as well as expert witness testimony at an OMB Hearing for a proposed residential infill subdivision in Toronto.


Click thumbnail View Conceptual Street Tree Plan






Soil Moisture Investigation

Brampton,  2003


When property managers at a recently completed retail complex were faced with unusually high moisture levels in landscaped areas during a summer drought, they turned to Aboud & Associates to provide insight into this unusual issue.

Over a period of one growing season, Aboud & Associates undertook soil and moisture analyses in several plots throughout the site to determine the cause of this unique problem and to recommend mitigative actions. 


Monitoring Plot . Brampton






TRCA Woody Plant Study

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto, 1991-1994


In collaboration with Dougan & Associates, Aboud & Associates, a comprehensive 3-part study to i) Prepare a detailed list of the woody species and their habitat preferences throughout the jurisdiction of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), ii) Prepare a short list of desirable woody species to be used for restoration/naturalization, and iii) Develop an ecological framework for plant selection, species propagation recommendations, and standardized planting combinations for use within the five eco-physiographic jurisdictions of the TRCA. This study was presented at the 1995 International Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration, Seattle, Washington.



TRCA Woody Plants Nursery .  Toronto